Fast jet simulator developer

Location: Budapest, Hungary

Do you believe in the power of native programming? Are you ready to create software where execution time is important? Are you fluent in C++? If so, we have something interesting for you.

The world is not a perfect place, we have a list of things, which we are not perfectly happy with:

About us

CAE Inc. is a Canadian manufacturer of simulation technologies, modelling technologies and training services to airlines, aircraft manufacturers, healthcare specialists, and defense customers. Rephrase )CAE was founded in 1947, and has manufacturing operations and training facilities in 35 countries.

CAE Budapest has several groups, most of us work on aircraft simulator modules. The team is split between Budapest and Stolberg (Rheinland), we are working on the Synthetic Environment Server for EuroFighter. This is a larger module, it's responsible for simulate everything but the aerocraft itself: weather, terrain, computer-controlled planes (bots) and their various features.

We take new employees to Germany where they meet the other part of the group, but software developers do not travel often, only 1-2 occasion per year.

For some years, inventors are officially and globally supported by CAE. If someone has a good idea, like a tool, or a product feature, he or she can just start working right on it without any permission from anyone. After given hours spent on the side project, the author should present his or her work to his manager, who can allocate further hours to it, or even convert it to a normal project.

What technology we use

How we work

What we need

Do you do unit tests?

We have some unit tests, and several integration tests for each feature. Upon a pull request, all test need to be run without errors before changes gets merged into the master branch.

Do you have a build server?

A dedicated set of machines run Jenkins to build the project and run the tests (upon a PR, or just started by hand).

Do you have coding conventions?

We have a written set of coding conventions. We do not change them often, and if we working on legacy code, we don't spend too much time to refactor it just to match the conventions.

What do you think about static code analysis?

Jenkins are configured to run some static checks, sometimes they helps to reveal possible errors.

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